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First School (Milna)

First School (Milna)

The first school is believed to have existed since 1834 and possibly even earlier. It was not available to everyone, only to the children from Milna’s affluent families. The school officially opened in 1848/49 as a boy’s two-year public school in a private building of the Buzolić family in an area called Pantera.

The school operated in that building from 1848 to 1882, after which it was moved to the neighboring building of the Sfarčić family, where classes were taught until 1901. Classes were held in Italian until 1890, and from April 29th 1878 Croatian language was introduced.

When referring to the Milna elementary school during that time, it is important to note that there were two schools in two separate locations. A male, two-year school and a female one-year school located in a small cottage in an area called Žalo. A new school building was built on the site of the former girl’s school in 1901. It was a fraternity for the school children of Milna. It was built as a four-storey building in record time of just one year. This was done with own resources and land revenue, with contributions from the people of Milna and churchmen, as noted on the commemorative plaque on the front of the building.

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