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Beaches and bays

climate that boasts a high number of sunshine hours, stunning nature and crystal-clear waters, sea temperatures warm enough for swimming between May and October – these are just few of the things that make Milna such an appealing tourist destination.

If you’re the type that likes to spend the entire day swimming and sunbathing, you’re bound to have a field day here, as there are 25 kilometres of coastline with picturesque pebbled and rocky beaches and bays where you can find your place under the sun. Some parts of the coast feature groomed bathing areas, while others offer the opportunity to enjoy the wilderness of pristine nature. Whether rocky or pebbled, the beaches of Milna are a true slice of paradise. You can spend the day at the beach located near the town centre, or find a hidden corner just for yourself. As the public beach and the other beaches are mostly accessible by road, they are suitable for family trips, and those of them that offer abundant natural shade are particularly suitable for a beach day with your kids.


The closest and most family-friendly beach is most definitely Bijaka beach, the public beach located within the town limits of Milna. With its many amenities and sandy sea bottom, it is a great choice for families with small children, and your kids are bound to have a great time here. Next to the beach, there are several restaurants and cafes that offer refreshments and snacks, together with many activities such as water sports. Tennis courts, volleyball courts, a pool and loungers can also be found near the cafe area, guaranteeing a fun day under the sun.


In the immediate vicinity of the town, just a kilometre from the town centre, you can find the bay of Osibova. This bay is located in the southwest of Brač, at a geographical position that guarantees an abundance of sunshine. The crystal-clear waters of the bay attract a great number of visitors, making it a definite must-visit destination. The bay is also visited by a number of boats sailing along the coast of Brač. If you’re looking to spend your vacation far away from the hustle and bustle of Brač’s larger towns, Osibova bay offers comfortable accommodation in a number of vacation homes, apartments and rooms.


Another bay that is very popular among yachtsmen sailing around this part of Brač is the bay of Lučice. The bay has five arms that offer good shelter from the wind. The cave that can be found in the western part of the bay also makes it a popular destination among divers. Due to the sandy sea bottom and lush pine forests, the waters of Lučice bay have a distinctive azure colour that will tempt you to dive right in. Accommodation is offered by a number of vacation homes, apartments and rooms, and the nearby restaurants offer a wide selection of Dalmatian specialties and fresh fish.

Salbunara i Ošišac

On the other side of the island, with views of Brač Channel and the island of Šolta, you can find the bays of Salbunara and Ošišac. The clear waters and sandy sea bottom offer views all the way to the lighthouse of Ražanj. These two bays are removed from the town, hidden and immersed in a marine natural environment, which makes them the perfect place for some refreshing R&R during the hot days of summer.


On the western side of Milna, you can find Makarac bay. Makarac features several smaller beaches that offer privacy and seclusion. If you want to spend your vacation in a quiet and tranquil environment, Makarac bay offers comfortable accommodation in vacation homes and apartments.

Milna features four pebbled beaches (Pasikova, Lučice, Maslinova, Osibova) with ample room, two of which are located in the town, and two in the immediate vicinity of the town. Next to the beaches is a pine forest that offers excellent shade for those who don’t like baking in the sun all day long. The sea is crystal-clear, and the beaches face the south and are protected from northerly winds, which makes this area the perfect location for diving, sailing and fishing. From the northwestern point of the island, the string of bays extends as follows: Maslinovica, Stipanska, Tiha, Boboška vala and the wide bay of Milna, up to Baterija cape. Towards the east from the cape of Ražanj, the bays are lined up as follows: Borova, Široki Vranjac and then Osibova, Smokvina, Lučice, Slavinjina, Duboka, Koromaslinova, Uvala Špacamiza, Uvala Maslinova, and finally Donji Turski Bok, Srednji Turski Bok and Gornji Turski Bok.

Bobovišća na moru

The bay of Bobovišća na moru offers calm blue seas that are a true vacation for the body and soul. Relax and listen to the chirping of crickets, which were the topic of the poem that eminent Croatian poet Vladimir Nazor wrote inspired by this very location. The poem clearly depicts the harmony of nature that this bay offers. Although it is located within town limits, the bay offers tranquillity as, even though Bobovišća na moru is a tourist town, it is not jam-packed with cafes and restaurants. Instead, it offers a little bit of everything, just enough to provide you with everything you need while you’re on vacation.

Vičja luka

The bay of Vičja luka is located next to the town of Bobovišća na moru, and it is most definitely a must-visit destination, whether you happen to be staying in the area or passing by. The turquoise waters, the natural shade of pine forests and peace and quiet that can be found in this bay have an effect that can almost be described as healing. Come and enjoy!

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