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Church of St. John and Paul (Ložišća)

Church of Saints John and Paul was built in 1820. It has a baroque façade and a stone court in front of the church. The most prominent part of the church is the ornate bell tower designed by the prominent Croatian sculptor Ivan Rendić and built in 1899.

Ložišća villagers invited the then renowned Brač architect and sculptor to design the new bell tower for their church. Rendić showed up to the meeting with a bag full of various bell tower drawings, most of them simple and ordinary in design.
However, as he was flipping through the drawings, the one depicting today’s bell tower showed up and the locals immediately stopped him: “This is the one we want!”, they said resolutely.
Rendić laughed and said, “You can neither make this bell, nor afford it, this one is meant for Venice.” It was those words that ignited the infamous Dalmatian defiance in them: “Oh, is that right?! You think we can’t? Now you’ll see.” And so in the entire village took out loans that they spent years paying back in wine and olive oil. Nevertheless, they accomplished what they set their minds to.

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